*Golden Things* that Clients Say


1. Client, a minute before scheduled launch “Can you change this one picture to a video on the home page”? 


Last minute correction in website/app

2. Client, “You are able to access all the apps in your mobile right? So you can use the Facebook app icon for my app’s internal display right?” – Yeah you can use your brain to shoot out some intelligent questions, right? Right?? RIGHT???


Before launch request


3. Client after belting out 30 changes, “Can I get this done in an hour”?


Changes within a hour

4. Us “This is not exactly possible for this scenario”. Client sends a screenshot of a random code snippet from Stackoverflow.


Random code from other sites


5. Clients, “I’ll know what I want when I see it” – Next internal meeting “We totes need to hire a mind reader”


Mind reader


6. After reviewing the front end page, Client measures pictures with ruler scale, “Can you move that picture .5 cms to the right”?


Front end review from client


7. Client “I want the font big, thin and with more spacing… Basically, I want it like this” – Showing his reference draft


Client reference draft

8. Client “I can do this myself, why can’t you” – Then do it yourself, no?


Self marketing

9. Client “Other brands have this feature, why can’t mine?” – Because you are not them?


Competitor brand

10. Client “I am ready to pay $100. I will get 100 business leads, right” 


Business leads


We have our share of laughs and frustrating moments, but hey, we love our clients no matter what! 


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Tripti Chordia

Tripti Chordia

Tripti Chordia, is the CMO at doodleblue, a mobile and web app development company providing creative technology solutions to its clients. She completed her masters from Leeds in Advertising & Marketing and has worked at a few media houses prior to doodleblue.Tripti is responsible for online strategy and creative digital marketing campaigns for doodleblue.

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