iPhone 7 + Intel Modem - Loss of signal connectivity, Horror for many

When the whole wide world mooed about the arrival of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, little did they know that it could be a nightmare with its newly adopted Intel Modem for AT&T and T-Mobile variants. With the launch of the new iPhone in September 2016, every user wanted an upgrade and switch to the newer version. With its new camera features and sleek look, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus did catch the attention of its well worshiped customers, but was it worth a catch? It needs a discussion.


Iphone7- Intel Modem

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How to Optimize your Google Play App Store Listing

Several studies have shown the number one way users find and download apps is from app store search, including a study by Nielsen that showed 63% of app installs come from app store search. App store optimization is the process of optimizing a mobile app for discovery and conversion in the app stores. Our successful Android game development agencies and studio clients would know that the positioning of their mobile apps for app store search provides a defendable competitive advantage. Whether you are an iPhone development company looking to move your successful iOS app to Android and Google Play, or a veteran of android app development, optimizing your app listing for organic traffic and installs will likely be the marketing activity with the highest ROI.

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Best video streaming apps for 2015

Mobile phones are becoming pervasive these days. You name it and there is an app for that! With the increase in viewing options like computers, tablet, phone, consoles etc; it is estimated that till 2017, almost 60% of all the online video content will be viewed from handheld devices. This will make it easy for people to watch what they want and for broadcasters to broadcast from wherever they want. So let's view some of the diligent video streaming apps which can bring events live by your single tap!

Best video streaming apps

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Three unusual yet satisfying apps

Do you identify yourself as Celine Dion, Picasso, and the next Iron Chef? Look no further!

Three unusual yet satisfying apps

With the vast number of mobile apps available today it can be difficult to decide on which ones to download. At a certain point, people may even begin to wonder what the mobile app developers’ motives were for some of products found in store —notably, the app that makes flatulent sounds.

Nonetheless, mobile users will download apps.

While some people may have a rather minimalist approach and only keep a handful of apps they need to survive, others are more willing to explore what’s out there. When technology right in front of us can help us stay connected, be creative, and overall help us live better lives —i.e. apps that remind people to take their medications— then why not take advantage of the cornucopia of apps out there?

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