7 Reasons Why You Need To Work For doodleblue

7 Reasons why you need to work for doodleblue

This is the first of the List article series from doodleblue innovations! Through these fun articles we tell you why you need to think of us when you need an app for your latest tech need, an active social media life for your company (or even you!) or maybe even a job offer from us! 

This article tells you why you need to work in doodleblue innovations and those are some swanky but solid facts that we deliver! Read more to find out why! 


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Reality checks 101: smart home tech eavesdrops - the ugly side of having smart home assistants

Internet of Things industry has created a revolution in literally every field of life, be it controlling your home appliances or asking suggestions as to where to take your date for dinner.The market for IoT smart home industry is estimated to hit an all time high of $58 billion by 2020.

With such a flowery picture drawn out, doodleblue looks at the flipside of the canvas to unveil bitter truths about the smart technology.

Smart home tech eavesdrops

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WOMEN IN STARTUPS – Progressing beyond gender bias

Women in Startups

With not much opinion available on the net, we come to the conclusion that women in startups can be considered as a topic that is probably being given a negligent miss or is being considered a sensitive topic to comment on.

Women and technology, if used together in a sentence a decade ago, the patriarchal society would have pooh pooh-ed it saying that “Girls don’t just get tech”. Today, the scene has taken a 360 degree change but the opinions are sadly the same even today.

In an initiative to bring to light, the shrouded facts around this topic, doodleblue innovations tells what it feels like to run a successful startup with a majority of women employees.

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This week’s wow innovations – doodleblue’s experts tell you why

The past two days has seen some literally path breaking news in robotics, augmented reality and drones. This week, doodleblue picks three most worthy ideas that is helping widen the boundary of possibilities.


We will be looking at Piaggio Fast Forward – a mobility robot from the company that created the iconic Vespa, OxSight’s AR glasses for the partially sighted and Dobby’s foldable pocket drone from Zerotech.

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Recruitment And Selection Strategies For The Modern Workforce - Part 1

Modest sets of wooden furniture, (some wobbling and some sturdy), roaring table fans and steel cupboards creaking at a single touch, and a bespectacled elderly  munimji (accountant), reclusively sitting in a small corner tallying accounts using his fingers and a magnifying glass; all under one roof of a dilapidated, ‘can collapse any moment’ building. This has predominantly and invariably been the usual set up of an office in olden times.

Recruitment And Selection Strategies part 1

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Facebook’s ‘Express Wi-Fi’ Test Run in Rural India – A Potential competitor for Google’s Railwire?

With the aim to provide internet access to the whole country, Facebook recently tested “Express Wi-Fi” in the rural regions of India. This mission is to bring affordable internet connection in the rural regions of the country. For a country with 600,000 villages, it was Mr.Modi’s dream to connect India on a digital platform and enable internet access to every person in the country.

Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi

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Athena – A Smart Wearable for Women's Safety

In this era of innovations and booming technological advancements, wearable technologies have paved way for good – be it for the purpose of entertainment or for social status. But, the human brain is so magnificent that it could come up with new innovations every day. Innovations with a sprinkle of social message and for the social well-being of people in the society. Athena is one such innovation that needs recognition by the people in the society. Athena by ROAR aims in protecting women from any sort of assaults or violence.


Athena - smart wearable

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Drones on auto pilot - Excitement that excludes privacy settings!

In this era where technology takes over the entire universe and humans are meant to do very little work, it is fascinating to look at these technological advancements. The emergence of artificial intelligence has made human lives better and one such innovation is the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) commonly known as Drones. This is a light weight aircraft without a human pilot on-board. 




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iPhone 7 + Intel Modem - Loss of signal connectivity, Horror for many

When the whole wide world mooed about the arrival of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, little did they know that it could be a nightmare with its newly adopted Intel Modem for AT&T and T-Mobile variants. With the launch of the new iPhone in September 2016, every user wanted an upgrade and switch to the newer version. With its new camera features and sleek look, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus did catch the attention of its well worshiped customers, but was it worth a catch? It needs a discussion.


Iphone7- Intel Modem

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Fake News Trends in Facebook- Chaos Sans Sixth Sense

Facebook which is doubling as a much sought after news medium, this time for popularizing news that was classified fake to the bone! On August 31st, the news feed ran a false story stating that anchor Megyn Kelly was fired from Fox News for being liberally supportive of Hillary Clinton in her political opinions. This news gained traction quicker than a forest fire and started raising fate altering discussions. Realizing their folly, Facebook removed the story, apologized and promised to straighten up their system.


Facebook fake news

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The Samsung Sacrilege – Unstable battery sham burns down production

In September, Samsung faced brickbats and was subjected to harsh criticism from all quarters when an airline passenger’s Note 7 caught fire in motion. Many accidents like this have further been reported which lead to Samsung providing replacement phones for the damaged ones in order to mop up their faults. This move backfired as these replacements also caught fire. As on October 11th, Samsung releases a final statement to entirely stop production of Note 7 phones altogether.

Samsung Sacrilege



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Presenting Oneself at an Interview

Presenting Oneself at an Interview


The term interview might instil a potent fear in some of you out there probably because they mean so much these days. To clear an interview and get selected for a job is considered a mammoth achievement in all sectors alike. For this, the candidates work harder than their usual but what one usually forgets or rather ignores during all this course is how to present himself in front of the interviewer.

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Torrents – Are you going to Jail?

A recent article in Indiatoday (Are you a criminal?) stated that anyone who views a torrent file can go to jail for a period of three years and maybe with a fine of 3 lakhs has spurred great confusion among people, especially the urban population who uses the torrent extensively. This news made the same buzz in social media like the news of Artem Vaulin’s arrest (kickass torrent’s owner). Artem was arrested in Poland and as a consequence, Kickass torrent was shut down by the police.


Torrents – Are you going to Jail?

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When Instagram Tried Snapping Snapchat

When Snapchat was launched worldwide in 2011 no one would have thought that the most basic feature it offered in the form of Snapchat stories would be imbibed (some may use the term copy too) quite efficiently by its arch rival and senior in the social media community,Instagram. And it comes as no wonder that netizens all over the world are still not done freaking out over Instagram stories and it being a straight rip-off of Snapchat stories.


snapchat vs instagram

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The Difference Between UI and UX

Difference Between UI and UX

These days, a lot of people ask the difference between UI and UX design in web development. To comprehend this from a layman’s point of view, the UI design can be seen as the engine of an automobile without which it is nothing and the UX is the feeling one gets while driving the particular vehicle. 


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Are you a Pokemon- Go Addict? Here is why you shouldn't be playing it!


Are you a Pokemon- Go Addict?

Pokémon-Go...The latest sensation game by the Niantic Company with characters from our favourite childhood show has taken the world by storm. By now most people owning smart phones would have played or at least heard of this newly launched game. Pokémon Go has developed a gigantic player base, due to it’s real gaming platform and the wide variety of Pokémon characters.

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Online Data Storage Services

These days, storing data online has become more of a necessity than a luxury due to factors like security and lack of space. A bulk amount of data has to be present simultaneously in several devices and this is achieved through the use of online data storage services.

Online Data Storage Services

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A Developer's Tale

Geek, techie, computer specialist, dork. These are some of the common names used by a non-technical person to describe a developer or a programmer. Well, to a certain extent they are not entirely wrong!

Developer's Tale

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3 observed trends to a modern UI

We all keep hearing about UI. But what really is UI? UI is everything that is designed into an information device with which a human may interact. In short, it is a medium of interaction between the machine and the user (human). So, what if we did not have this middle agent? What if we could directly interact with the machine? Wouldn’t everything be simpler and quicker?


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How to Optimize your Google Play App Store Listing

Several studies have shown the number one way users find and download apps is from app store search, including a study by Nielsen that showed 63% of app installs come from app store search. App store optimization is the process of optimizing a mobile app for discovery and conversion in the app stores. Our successful Android game development agencies and studio clients would know that the positioning of their mobile apps for app store search provides a defendable competitive advantage. Whether you are an iPhone development company looking to move your successful iOS app to Android and Google Play, or a veteran of android app development, optimizing your app listing for organic traffic and installs will likely be the marketing activity with the highest ROI.

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Best video streaming apps for 2015

Mobile phones are becoming pervasive these days. You name it and there is an app for that! With the increase in viewing options like computers, tablet, phone, consoles etc; it is estimated that till 2017, almost 60% of all the online video content will be viewed from handheld devices. This will make it easy for people to watch what they want and for broadcasters to broadcast from wherever they want. So let's view some of the diligent video streaming apps which can bring events live by your single tap!

Best video streaming apps

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In the midst of large corporate giants, I chose a startup

We have all had our career choices, haven't we? Even before finishing our high school being a part of corporate giants like Apple, Mahindra, Tata, J.P. Morgan, Google, etc., have always been the goal. But, do we really see ourselves as what we imagined to be. Are we exactly playing the part we played in our dreams? Are we one in a million or one in a hundred? Getting into a startup has been a trend these days. It's surprising how large number of graduates are specifically aiming to get into startups. We wondered why and spoke to few passionate youngsters to find out the story behind it!

Corporate vs startup

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Going Single: Facebook Messenger, now just Messenger

Just count the number of applications you use for messaging! Aren't there over a million of them? Messaging applications have become just another thing to survive on, haven't they? Studies show that over 28% of our time has been spent on social networking. Not only has it become addictive but it has also now become the need of the hour. Facebook is now planning to make messenger a total stand-alone app. Which means that one would not even require a Facebook account to login to the messenger app.

Facebook Messenger - Going single

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My dear intelligent assistants – Siri vs. Cortana vs. Google Now!

Hasn’t it been quite some time now that the world of mobile device manufacturers have been booming with the idea of intelligent personal assistants? Aren’t they really coming up with great ideas to make your device smarter, and more human? Just after the previous post about Apple iOS’s Siri’s intelligent answers, we got curious to check about the other intelligent personal assistants.

Siri vs. Cortana vs. Google Now

How many times have you perfectly made your personal assistant understand what you would like to get answered to? Apple iOS’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google now, all in line, are getting smarter day-by-day. Let’s check each personal assistant and compare them with the answers they come up with:

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Three unusual yet satisfying apps

Do you identify yourself as Celine Dion, Picasso, and the next Iron Chef? Look no further!

Three unusual yet satisfying apps

With the vast number of mobile apps available today it can be difficult to decide on which ones to download. At a certain point, people may even begin to wonder what the mobile app developers’ motives were for some of products found in store —notably, the app that makes flatulent sounds.

Nonetheless, mobile users will download apps.

While some people may have a rather minimalist approach and only keep a handful of apps they need to survive, others are more willing to explore what’s out there. When technology right in front of us can help us stay connected, be creative, and overall help us live better lives —i.e. apps that remind people to take their medications— then why not take advantage of the cornucopia of apps out there?

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