WOMEN IN STARTUPS – Progressing beyond gender bias

Women in Startups - Progressing Beyond Gender Bias

With not much opinion available on the net, we come to the conclusion that women in startups can be considered as a topic that is probably being given a negligent miss or is being considered a sensitive topic to comment on.

Women and technology, if used together in a sentence a decade ago, the patriarchal society would have pooh pooh-ed it saying that “Girls don’t just get tech”. Today, the scene has taken a 360 degree change but the opinions are sadly the same even today.

In an initiative to bring to light, the shrouded facts around this topic, doodleblue innovations tells what it feels like to run a successful startup with a majority of women employees.


Women and Technology

The Learning

In the startup ecosystem, major development is underway and both the government and the corporate sector have recognized the immense potential in startups to build innovation-led, tech-enabled economy.

While such a progressive change is happening, women have been quietly existing in the system all along, contributing their best efforts in the growth process.

The learning is immense, as always is the case in startups.

Pulling all nighters, getting on call with heads of great institutions and the camaraderie within the team are worth experiencing.

But as a woman in the team, sadly the discrimination is felt and the ice remains unbroken despite countless efforts at hitting the gender equality ground.   

Quoting the team at doodleblue, “The divide of thought happens only when we look at the gender angle”.

This is so true, considering that gender does not have any connections at affecting the productivity or the intellect put inside the work.

The Intellect Equation

The startup culture sprung up in the recent decade and we can bravely attribute the progress to a broad minded approach of work culture.

Women have proved time and again, their prowess and intellect in every step of development. At doodleblue, we have talented project managers who multi task many administrative roles when the situation demands.

With such levels of expertise in the forefront, there are many situations where women are looked down upon or simply ignored, while in the problem solving process.

The intellect Equation

The Social Life

Social life today has variegated meanings and the horrifying fact is that it is being taken easy, for all the wrong reasons.

Keeping in mind the personal safety issues that women are facing today, startups have a volatile environment where the establishment refuses to be held responsible.

Our thoughts naturally turn towards the unpleasant side of social life because women express major concerns.

To find the root of this evil is a task that needs concentrated efforts.

The underlying point is, it is a grey area that is not being addressed properly.

The startup life

Despite challenges, more women are joining the startup ecosystem and some of them are even heading startups with novel ideas.

For all good reasons like increased innovation, efficiency and financial gain women are integral in a work environment. The fact that women are intellectually well endowed should be accepted, appreciated and nurtured, to envision a success beyond gender bias.

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Tripti Chordia

Tripti Chordia

Tripti Chordia, is the CMO at doodleblue, a mobile and web app development company providing creative technology solutions to its clients. She completed her masters from Leeds in Advertising & Marketing and has worked at a few media houses prior to doodleblue.Tripti is responsible for online strategy and creative digital marketing campaigns for doodleblue. 

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