Why conduct internal Hackathons?

A couple of weeks ago doodleblue innovations conducted its own hardcore Hackathon called #doodleblueHackDay.

The idea behind this innovation drive was to gather the entire crew to group up and come up with innovative solutions for trending IT tech problems. This was incentivized with a cash prize for the winner.

The event saw some serious competition, clash of ideas and majorly it exhibited great camaraderie and team spirit.

This event turned out to be a great morale booster to the entire team and it served as a great way to strengthen the communication and foster the sense of community.

In preparation for the Hackathon, auction was conducted the previous day, with team leaders choosing their topic and team members. The day of the competition dawned with super energetic crew assembling in the wee hours of morning and started on a 12 hour marathon of pitch deck, ideation, development, testing and marketing.

The focus is on the output of the day, where doodleblue innovations had 6 new products, a winner and a great tool to test within the office!


Internal Hackathons – A common ground for the tech and the non tech teams

Sure, the competition is mostly going to involve the technical folks in the house but there are the marketing and sales teams that can be leveraged to help make the overall event a smashing success.

A marketing person in every team can take care of the product’s social media presence and the sales team can come up with a pitch deck with the product’s salient features.

During the event, live tweeting and Instagram live the event will be great for the company’s image!

Tangible products in a day!

We most often than not, end the day with not provide fully fledged products of the ideas but what we do get is the start of a bright idea or new products.

These could be ideas that we had never previously considered. The team is given complete freedom to use whichever tool they are comfortable with because the ball is in the court.

They will get to work on projects they are passionate about, and not something they have been told about.

If what the team creates looks like it has real value for the business, we should immediately get it on the roadmap and allow the team to build on it, refine it and perfect it.


Giving your employees a chance to dive in and build on their ideas is the greatest motivation to help them bring out those hidden great designs and use cases.

Ideally, you can also plan to do beta testing with a unbiased group of friends to get honest feedback but there is nothing like testing it within the office.

Practice makes the skill perfect

Hackathons are a lot of fun but they are a handful to handle. To make this event a success, there should be a considerable amount of time, effort and planning that goes in.

One should frankly not stop with conducting just one.

Hackathons are worth investing time and effort because what we get from these Hackathon are brilliant ideas in their alpha stage and do well for your business and the health of team spirit.

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Tripti Chordia

Tripti Chordia, is the CMO at doodleblue, a mobile and web app development company providing creative technology solutions to its clients. She completed her masters from Leeds in Advertising & Marketing and has worked at a few media houses prior to doodleblue.Tripti is responsible for online strategy and creative digital marketing campaigns for doodleblue.

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