This week’s wow innovations – doodleblue’s experts tell you why

The past two days has seen some literally path breaking news in robotics, augmented reality and drones. This week, doodleblue picks three most worthy ideas that is helping widen the boundary of possibilities.


We will be looking at Piaggio Fast Forward – a mobility robot from the company that created the iconic Vespa, OxSight’s AR glasses for the partially sighted and Dobby’s foldable pocket drone from Zerotech.

Move along with Gita

This Gita is not to be mixed up with the religious text, but Gita in Italian means “short distance” and this is also the name of the mobility assistant that Jeffrey Schnapp and the Piaggio Group created.

Gita is the product of the idea “Piaggio Fast Forward”, and is essentially a Vespa of the 21st century, for the text-walkers and people who want to be on the move with a sizeable load.

This is a vehicle that frees your hands and gives you no worry when navigating through crowded space. Gita has a small compartment that can carry upto 20 lbs of weight and can be locked with a registered fingerprint.

One can make Gita follow by strapping on a wearable and it will hustle upto 22 miles per hour while you walk or ride your bike. Cameras on all sides help it map the surroundings as well as the placement of obstacles. It is ergonomically designed with two tires and a large tipped over cylinder making it in the style of a zero turn radius.

Carry your stuff around with the help of this intelligent mule.

Powering sight

This AR device is a classic replacement for canes and seeing-eye dogs to aid the visually impaired.

This is a strap on pair of glasses that help people with partial sight to get the complete picture to navigate with ease.

Using see-through displays, camera systems and computer vision techniques, these smart glasses help the person understand the environment, its foreground and the background.

These glasses make objects stand out so that the brain functions using intuition to interact with intelligence.

Powering Sight

Using the concept of three dimensional mapping ability of the brain, OxSight adds cartoon like layers to the surroundings.This software can project a cardboard cutout of what a person looks like. Users who are considerably blind with diminishing vision can adjust the colors and zoom.

OxSight helps people avoid collisions, get a better freedom of movement and feel their independence returning with confidence.

Dobby, the flying photographer elf

Smaller than the size of Dobby, the house elf from Harry Potter, this smart drone packs a punch.

This hits the in-between mark of a fully fledged UAV and a portable selfie drone.

Flying photographer

This drone is armed with features like GPS, image recognition, ultrasonic positioning and autonomous flight ability.Connected with Wi-Fi, this device has a surprisingly smooth reaction as opposed to other Wi-Fi connected devices under loss of connection.

As the drone travels away from the connection radius, it lands wherever it loses connection in a dignified manner.

The positioning lends stability while on air and is pretty smooth both indoors and outdoors.

Also armed with a 13 MP camera that can take a 1080p video, it has advanced photography features like auto tracking and orbital shot tracking.

The down side of this awesomeness is that the battery lasts a maximum of 9 minutes. The motors get hot after just a few minutes of flying, but with little to no effect on its impeccable performance.

This is an interesting device to look out for, once all its shortcomings are fixed.

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Tripti Chordia

Tripti Chordia

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