7 Reasons Why You Need To Work For doodleblue

1. You are on first name basis with anyone in this office, even the CEO!

    Chuck that "Yes sir" out of the window because here we address everyone by name. You are identified by your name and not sir/ma'am, right? 

Name basis in the office


2. Interns feel important, given live projects on their second day here. Coz, we value talent.

Joined just yesterday but you already feel like a celeb? Get used to it, coz we celebrate your talent!

Interns in live projects


3. You dread to think of switching jobs because “Corporate” or absolutely anywhere else means “Formal attitude” *internally screaming*

This place has a chilled out vibe that puts you at ease and lets you concentrate on work, reading and just about anything!



4. Your Boss is your best bud!

You search for a mentor to guide in your career growth? Your search stops at the CEO's door. 

Your boss is your best bud


5. Share the load system- pulling all nighters

You get an alert on a takeover or a deadline? You can pitch in your efforts if you feel you are upto it. Learning experience - Check. 



6.All time Snack time!

Are you a 7 meal freak? Perpetually hungry? Chug down your juices and salads while you work. We encourage couch zucchinis here :P

All time snack time


7. TRUST WORTHY - The Trust Fuel 

In a dog eat dog world, doodleblue establishes a camaraderie and footloose environment encouraging friendship to be the base of anything here! Now, where else do you genuinely find it?



Everyone who has been working with doodleblue has a story to recount, that is worth cherishing. 

Make your own story at doodleblue innovations


Collaborator: Shruti Balakrishnan

Author Bio

Tripti Chordia

Tripti Chordia

Tripti Chordia, is the CMO at doodleblue, a mobile and web app development company providing creative technology solutions to its clients. She completed her masters from Leeds in Advertising & Marketing and has worked at a few media houses prior to doodleblue.Tripti is responsible for online strategy and creative digital marketing campaigns for doodleblue.

ABOUT doodleblue

doodleblue is a boutique creative technology solutions consulting firm. Our focus is to help entrepreneurs, start-ups & businesses succeed with their technology solutions. We love working on cutting edge technologies like Augmented Reality, OCR, Google glasses, and more in the mobility space.